Kim Puns-Il

Yesterday, with the news of Kim Jong-il’s passing my friend Ornitorrinco took to twitter and made a Tv Show pun with the “dear leader’s” name which resulted in a long chain of puns, some good, some ok, some hilarious. Here’s the list, can you spot the shows?

  • Keeping Up With The Kim Jongs
  • The New Adventures Of Il-Jong Kim
  • Kim-Possibl…Oh Wait!
  • It’s always sunny in Pyonyang
  • Kimmunity
  • Dr. Kim
  • ¿Kim Quiere Ser Millonario?
  • The Kim Jong Theory
  • The Jong-il and The Restless
  • Game Of Jongs
  • Jong-Il & Grace
  • Two And A Half Kims

We Decided to stop there when our friends Natatropina, Andreoide and snaparound Joined in with:

  • Dead Like Kim
  • Jong Of Arcadia
  • My Wife and Kims
  • The Kim Of Queens
  • Kim Of The Hill
  • The Kimsons
  • How I Met Your Dictator
  • The Jongfersons
  • Sunday Night Dead 
  • Jong-il-more Girls
  • The NK
  • The Walking Dead
  • Mad Kims
  • Desperate KimJongs
  • Kimminal Minds
  • Mad About Kim
  • Pyonyang Shore
  • My Name Is Kim
  • Aquí No Hay Quien Viva
  • The IL Crowd
  • Kim/Jong
  • Kim Explains It All
  • KimJong’s Creek
  • Dismissed

We could have gone on all night, I personally had to go to bed to get to work. 

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    Éste no sólo fue uno de los ratos más divertidos que he pasado en Twitter, sino que fue más productivo que los llantos...
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    Jong-Il-more Girls
  3. snaparound said: I could watch some of those shows, then again, the actual show was too bizarre, you cannot top that. Stranger than fiction indeed.
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